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What's more, if you need a high-quality translation and other language services for your videos, we suggest you choose the professional subtitle translation agencies.

Here are some of the specialized video subtitles we can provide:

For music videos, lyrics or song titles in your language are often subtitled as they appear on screen. In some cases, the music video is produced first with subtitles added later; in others, the subtitlers shoot all of the scenes prior to translating them into another language. In certain markets such as China, the addition of subtitles to music videos is mandatory in order to air the video on television. As a result, Chinese music videos often feature subtitles with Chinese translations of the song lyrics.

In other cases, subtitlers may create subtitles for dialogue in a music video. In these cases, the subtitles are often shorter versions of the complete English lyrics.

The growth of music video sites such as YouTube has led to a large increase in demand for subtitling services.

As an example of the boom in the music video market, YouTube stated in late 2013 that music videos accounted for 30% of its traffic and more than 1 billion hours per month were being watched during that year. As this trend continues, commercial opportunities are growing for companies to sell and license their music videos to studios and producers.

The following organizations are considered to be the largest and most important subtitling agencies, based on their commitment to quality.

Subtitling is one of the oldest forms of translation in our industry. However, new developments in technology have led to a dramatic increase in the sophistication and quality of this product. The term "subtitles" refers to the presentation of words within a video that correspond with the dialogue being spoken by characters in that scene. A subtitler typically does not translate the dialogue in a video. Instead, subtitlers create one or more subtitles to describe what is being said in the dialogue.

Professional subtitlers have a degree in translation or a related field of study. Subtitling is often an entry-level position for translators that has advanced to an independent position as their skills improve and their reputation develops within the company or industry where they work.

The role, responsibilities and duties of a subtitler vary widely from agency to agency. However, there is a general consensus on the translation process used by video subtitlers for creating subtitles.

The first step in the process is to review the script for the video and determine what dialogue will be heard by the viewer. Subtitlers do not translate these words; they merely select them from a database of frequently-used phrases.

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